After death, Titans are authorized to make use of the mental construct of a sentient being's Ego-Lattice (aka "Ego-Wraith", aka "After-Ego") in the pursuit of information relevant to unlawful activity within Titan-Space.

Ego-Wraiths do not communicate reliably, therefore telepathic scan will be necessary. Any wrongdoings discovered may reflect poorly on the deceased's family and species.

In most cases, the Ego-Lattice is allowed to dissipate naturally following telepathic scans. However, egregious offenders may find their After-Egos detained indefinitely within special psionic containers.

Many species believe their souls, spirits, or ghosts must travel on to some other dimensional plane following death. If you hold such beliefs, it behooves you to remain on the right side of Titan Law, lest you find your "soul" held within the confines of a Titan Guard Self-Sustaining Class-H Ego-Lattice Containment Unit until the end of all time.

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