No materials, substances, weapons, energy sources or beings (sentient or otherwise) shall be transported into or through Titan-Space without permission from The One Titan. Upon discovery of contraband, on-site permission may be granted by any member of Titan-Guard as they see fit (The One Titan may overrule this as he sees fit).

Punishment for minor infractions will be at the discretion of discovering Titan. Punishment for weapons or trafficking in sentient beings is death. No exceptions. Last statements may or may not be made at the discretion of discovering Titan.

Method of execution to be determined by on-site Titan. In egregious cases the pleasure of execution will belong to The One Titan.

Ignorance of the Titan Law will not be tolerated. Claims of ignorance will be verified via telepathic scan. False claims are punishable by death, no matter the level of infraction.

Citizens, do not find yourselves on the wrong side of Titan Law.

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