Titan Law 003

Titan Law forbids certain species (although sometimes only specific races of certain species) from entering, living or gaining citizenship within Titan-Space.

These include any species decreed by the Titan Guard to be enemies of Humanity, or those races who participated in the most despicable acts against Humankind in centuries past. The presence of these beings will not be tolerated.

Rare exemptions do exist. Upon discovery in Titan-Space, the arresting Titan will decide if there is sufficient reason to stay punishment. If not, punishment will be executed.

Punishment for entering Titan-Space without permission is death.

Titan Law 003 exists throughout all of Titan-Space, in perpetuity, until the end of all time.

Those of you who do not belong know who you are. If you value your lives, do not attempt entry into Titan-Space.

Titan Law 005

After death, Titans are authorized to make use of the mental construct of a sentient being's Ego-Lattice (aka "Ego-Wraith", aka "After-Ego") in the pursuit of information relevant to unlawful activity within Titan-Space.

Ego-Wraiths do not communicate reliably, therefore telepathic scan will be necessary. Any wrongdoings discovered may reflect poorly on the deceased's family and species.

In most cases, the Ego-Lattice is allowed to dissipate naturally following telepathic scans. However, egregious offenders may find their After-Egos detained indefinitely within special psionic containers.

Many species believe their souls, spirits, or ghosts must travel on to some other dimensional plane following death. If you hold such beliefs, it behooves you to remain on the right side of Titan Law, lest you find your "soul" held within the confines of a Titan Guard Self-Sustaining Class-H Ego-Lattice Containment Unit until the end of all time.

Titan Law 027

No materials, substances, weapons, energy sources or beings (sentient or otherwise) shall be transported into or through Titan-Space without permission from The One Titan. Upon discovery of contraband, on-site permission may be granted by any member of Titan-Guard as they see fit (The One Titan may overrule this as he sees fit).

Punishment for minor infractions will be at the discretion of discovering Titan. Punishment for weapons or trafficking in sentient beings is death. No exceptions. Last statements may or may not be made at the discretion of discovering Titan.

Method of execution to be determined by on-site Titan. In egregious cases the pleasure of execution will belong to The One Titan.

Ignorance of the Titan Law will not be tolerated. Claims of ignorance will be verified via telepathic scan. False claims are punishable by death, no matter the level of infraction.

Citizens, do not find yourselves on the wrong side of Titan Law.

Titan Law 031

Crimes committed in Titan-Space may reflect on other members of the offender's species, regardless of whether those other members were complicit or even aware of the crime.

If found culpable for crimes committed by others, Titans are authorized to exact punishment as they choose, up to and including death.

Do not find yourself on the wrong side of Titan Law.

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