600 years have passed since Humanity arrived at their new home - a distant galaxy so far from Earth they had no hope of ever seeing it again.

Over 200 of those years were spent in chains.

Generations of Humans suffered brutality at the hands of the various alien races indigenous to their new worlds.

After long desperate years of trying, the last remaining Human scientists finally perfect the Divinity Formula.

Now able to remake reality as they see fit, the formerly subjugated Humans have the power of Gods.

No. Not Gods...they might have mercy.

They are Titans.




Now, 400 years after Humanity gained their freedom, they took control of an ever expanding zone of the galaxy known as Titan-Space. There is little threat to Human rule, and Titan Law is supreme.

The Titans ensure that Humans remain in power, and deal harshly with any who would seek to change that.

Until, with no warning, Dane Jackson, a young Human from the lost Earth of ages past appears in the terrifying present day of the Titans.

How and why has he travelled so far? Even he doesn't know.

His arrival could mean anything. To the aliens now under Titan rule, the new Human could be just what they need - a weak point to attack the Titans.

And to the Titans, he is an unknown, and unknowns are not tolerated under Titan Law.

Dane has to somehow stay alive, find answers, and hope those answers are enough to get him back home one day.

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